The well known open source media chief Kodi is getting back home. There was a Microsoft’s Developer Day occasion on Wednesday. Microsoft declared that the XBMC Foundation is conveying Kodi to the Xbox One as a Windows Store (UWP) application, as initially detailed by Neowin.

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Xbox One Is Getting Kodi As A Windows Store App

The Developer Day occasion touted the benefits of the forthcoming Windows 10 Creators Update to developers. We anticipate that the Creators Update will dispatch in late March or early April. This depends on signs attached to the ship dates of Microsoft’s Surface Studio and Dell’s Canvas screen.

Here’s a bit of a back story for those who don’t know about Kodi. Kodi started life as the Xbox Media Center. It was an application for unique Xbox consoles that were modded to permit unapproved programming. Similarly, as Kodi does today to PCs, XBMC transformed the Xbox into a media spilling gadget. The program, in the end, got to be distinctly known as XBMC. Furthermore, it left the Xbox stage to concentrate on PCs. From that point forward, XBMC has turned into the open source project Kodi. This is overseen by the XBMC Foundation.

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