The NPD is almost upon us but here’s a little snippet of PS4 & PS4 Pro in comparison to the Xbox One/S. Sony’s PS4 family of consoles was too much for Microsoft over the Black Friday period. Sony’s PS4 emerged the clear winner in the battle for Black Friday week supremacy in the UK, outselling the Xbox One by more than 50%. PS4 had crossed the 50 million sold-to-consumers mark. However, Sony’s PS4 console also saw a massive resurgence in Japan last week, selling over 100,000 units according to both Media Create and Famitsu.

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Xbox One finally loses to the PS4

According to recently released statistics from market research firm GfK Chart-Track, the PS4 sold 142,500 units for the week ending November 26, up 2.5 percent year-on-year, while the Xbox One shifted 92,500 consoles, a fall of 31 percent.

The Xbox one is in a huge drought for 2017. Halo wars 2 is the only game that looks like it’s coming out before the holidays. Cyber Monday’s sales went to the PlayStation 4, though only by a small margin. Adobe says Sony’s console is leading for the month overall, a change from the last four months in which Microsoft dominated the top of the charts. Many others speculated that Sony’s sales were down because of the impending release of the PlayStation 4 Pro, and the shift back seems to confirm that.

Xbox did great this past holiday. Sony did great this past holiday and Nintendo is going to do great in March 2017. Whoever is first, second or third does not matter in the end to us. We do not get a dime from it. But we all win as gamers when the big three are fighting it out for our dollar. Well played Sony well played.


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