Microsoft has given us an announcement with respect to the Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive, Scalebound. Tragically, the Platinum Games created RPG has been crossed out.

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Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound has been scratched off by Microsoft

As we would like to think, it was failing to look like an absolute necessity. Each time they indicated it, it just looked too harsh around the edges and somewhat direct. In the event that this was Crackdown 3 we’d be irate. We’re presently more captivated to perceive what Microsoft’s E3 will resemble in light of the fact that now this has been dropped. They need to have something to supplant it. We’ll say it now. In the event that we don’t see no less than two new clean looking IPs (Halo/Uncharted/Alan Wake/The Last of Us style game) at the current year’s MS E3 meeting, then individuals won’t get a Project Scorpio in the very beginning.

In all reality, they (Microsoft) ought to have asked/paid for them to make an activity game (like Bayonetta). Rather than wandering off from what they do well. Additionally, it has been being developed for around 4 years. They ought to have known it wasn’t acceptable quite a while prior.

We have actually no clue what occurred now with respect to Scalebound on the Xbox One. What we do know is that Platinum as a studio has progressively been announcing games way before even completing them. This game was reported in 2014. Furthermore, since that time Platinum has discharged numerous games of faulty quality.

Source: Windows Central


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