Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s up and coming Xbox One update. It’s been touted as the most intense computer game console ever constructed. Furthermore, that is all we truly think about it. There have been a couple points of interest shared up until now. Moreover, keeping in mind that it’s engaging and that we nearly have a super capable console that plays games in local 4K, is VR prepared out of the case, and plays Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, what else is there that is being kept from fans?

xbox one backwards compatibility
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Xbox One Is In Big Trouble Right Now

It’s justifiable that Microsoft’s hand was kind of constrained into uncovering the Project Scorpio well before its due date. It’s slated to discharge toward the finish of 2017. In wake of many bits of gossip and breaks about the venture, they could stay noiseless for just so long. Nonetheless, we’ve as of now gotten the PS4 Pro (likewise an upgraded console). And the Nintendo Switch will discharge in a few short weeks. Yet despite everything we know almost nothing about the Microsoft machine reported eight months prior.

Luckily enough, they do anticipate flaunting more data on June 11. Just before E3 opens its ways to the masses. Sony has been striving to persuade fans that they ought to consider a PS4 Pro. Ideally, the people over at Xbox have taken in some things about promoting an overhauled framework as well. The secret, in any event, how the company will attract people to its console. So, let’s see how this turns out for Xbox One.

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  • Billy

    I don’t believe that all gamers care about is Power, if all we cared about is the power of the system then there would be no console gamers, all of them would be on PC. Console gaming is about not just gaming but community and all consoles focus on community and ease of use. (being support is all in one place and that they are almost Plug and Play systems) Just to get that out.

    Now as for hiding something I am sure there is a lot Xbox is not saying about the system, it was what a few months after E3 when we actually go the full specs of the Xbox One, even though the system had been demoed, preorders taken, and release date given. Ever Dev holds back just enough to keep info going and keep articles flowing for advertising, it is just a fundamental fact that small releases of information keeps people excited whether it be for or against a product. (and with Xbox and PS fans keeps the forums a buzz)

    Here is the fun part, I don’t believe that Console Devs really focus on competing for current gamers but instead go for new and/or unhappy gamers. (as in being unhappy with their current console, normally fewer of those) Experienced gamers are generally set in their gaming methods and so entrenched of their consoles superiority that they may never change, please note not all gamers are this one sided in the aspect of superiority. Same gamers have multiple types of Video game systems, such as me, who can see the difference and know who has the most power or who has the most exclusives changes from year to year or from generation to generation. The easiest gamers to influence are new gamers or gamers who are unhappy with what they have, so these are the targets they aim for. Yes they do hit the marks that gamers look for when new generations come out but I see so few gamers who switch between generations. I do my best to have each new system when it releases or in my PC’s cases when major upgrades come out, so I can see the difference in them and learn how the games use them, I see community on every system, don’t misunderstand me it is about Games more than anything but it is always more fun to play with someone, or to compare your achievements with some one else’s, occasionally giving them a hard time for playing on easy or normal. When I look at a console I do my best to look at the entire system not just power or exclusives they are nice to have but not the end all be all to a good system. I made my son do research when