It will be reasonable for us to say that maybe the Xbox One’s most prominent element is its Xbox One backward compatibility program. Moreover, the Xbox group merits all the acknowledge on the planet. This is because they have so far discharged 13 Xbox One backward compatibility program titles since the year started.

xbox one backwards compatibility
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Xbox One Backward Compatibility has 13 extra titles included for the current month

Beforehand Phil Spencer had suggested that January would have been quite great as far as backward compatibility program is concerned in a progression of Tweets. “January looks pretty good for [backward compatibility]”. In another tweet, Spencer talked about the interest of in reverse similarity “Back compat was good as it brought a bunch of nostalgia back without all the games needing to be redone or rebought”. “I love that [backward compatibility] is bringing great games to people who didn’t get to play on 360”.

It appears that Phil and whatever remains of the group at Xbox were completely serious when they said that the Backward Compatibility lineup for January was shaping up to turn out quite well. There are some stellar titles here to run with a portion of the more settled ones. Moreover, it will be a source of enthusiasm to check whether more titles are included for the rest of the 10-11 days of this current month.

Source: Daily Star


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