Microsoft has revealed the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on sale this week as part of its Deals with Gold program. Major Nelson gives us a rundown of what games you can expect on discount if you are a Gold member on Xbox Live. We decided to mention some popular games here, you can look up the rest on Nelson’s site via the source link given below.

xbox live deals
via Xbox marketplace

Xbox Live Deals revealed for the month – CS:GO

Valve’s seminal multiplayer FPS is 50% off. It is pretty much the same thing that it was 10 years ago. Just better graphics, bigger community, trading, skins, bigger competitive scene, bigger professional scene, tournaments, and a few more. The overall gameplay is the same, with game balancing updates every now and then. Valve have built the game up for over 15 years and it is still as good as ever.

Lichdom: Battlemage

Lichdom: Battlemage is a first-person caster that gives the Mage the spotlight in a way never before seen in games. Looks very much like the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim first person mage combat. Just with more spells and spell-crafting and spell-combination bonuses. But you can get lots of new cool spells in Skyrim with mods. We hope a new Elder Scrolls game will have similar spell crafting system and spell-combination effects and alike, because mage is always fun, especially when there are cool spells.

Darksiders 2

Lots of loot and a massive quest await for those who want to try living as Death. We would highly recommend you play this criminally underrated masterpiece. It’s no Skylanders but it’s an amazing game that combines the dungeon style and puzzles of Zelda. The combat of God of War and DMC. Lootsystem of Diablo and the traversing of Prince of Persia.

Let us know what games you will be buying as part of the Xbox Live Deals.