Xbox One Games with Gold June 2016 games lineup has been recently confirmed by Microsoft. According to the new June 2017 game lineup, Speedrunners, and Watch Dogs along with the bonus DLC for Phantom Dust are added to the games lineup.

All the Xbox 360 owners will be treated to Assassin’s Creed 3, and Dragon Age. Bothe of these games are part of the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program as well. As per Microsoft’s figures, the total June 2017 games with Gold lineup is worth $94 and offers up to 4000 gamerscore. Following is the complete and final Games with Gold June 2017 games lineup.

  • Speedrunners (Xbox One – June 1 to 30)
  • Watch Dogs (Xbox One – June 16 to July 15)
  • Assassin’s Creed (Xbox 360 – June 1 to 15)
  • Dragon Age (Xbox 360 – June 16 to 30)

Based on the new figures, Speedrunners will remain the whole next month and Watch Dogs will become available on June 16th to onwards July 15. Similarly, the Assassin’s Creed will become part of the games list and will remain available from 1st June to the 15th. Finally, the Dragon Age will become part of the Games with Gold lineup on June 16 and will remain available until June 30th, 2017.

The bonus DLC for Phantom Dust will be available the whole next month as well. This will actually be a double treat for all the fans on Xbox One and PC as the re-release of Phantom Dust is also being offered for free on both of the platforms.

Microsoft seems ready to release the Games with Gold June 2017 games lineup in the first week of the month. They’ll definitely be following the similar previous GwG release patterns. If Microsoft is planning to follow the same GwG release patterns that they followed for the month of June in 2016, the Games with Gold June 2017 games line up will come out on the similar dates.

Hopefully, this new Games with Gold June 2017 games lineup will satisfy the fans of both the games and Xbox. What will be your picks from the upcoming Games with Gold June 2017 games lineup? Do let us know via the comments below.


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