Developed by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts, WWE 2K17 – a professional wrestling game available on PS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One – continues to thrill and excite WWE fans. From the pre-order Goldberg unlock bonus to the opportunity to see Goldberg vs Lesnar well before the actual match takes place – WWE 2K17 has got it all. Those of you following the WWE 2K17 updates will know that there is always interesting stuff that keeps getting uncovered every week or so.

WWE 2K17

This time too there is news for you. Macho T, a gaming tipster, in his YouTube video, has detailed the steps you need to take to unlock Big E’s Giant Spear finishing move. By the way, this move qualifies as one of the secret achievements and can be executed only when in single play game mode. Macho T says that it is very much possible to unlock the secret achievement manoeuvre that usually marks the end of a duel. Just follow these steps to finish the Big E’s Giant Spear move in style –

1. First of all, you need to choose Big E as your game character.

2. Pick any opponent of your choice. Beat the hell out of the opponent till you gain a finisher.

3. Once you get the finisher, direct the opponent towards the ropes by grabbing him. You may choose any rope side.

4. Next, you have to make the opponent highly vulnerable. To do that, press and hold RB + Y. 

5. Now you can finish the Giant Spear move in style.

Once you complete the move, you get to unlock secret trophies, which happens to be one of the secret achievements as well. If you have been following WWE 2K17 news lately, you will also be aware that there have been several issues with unlocking Goldberg character. Even though the legend has been promised as part of the pre-order bonus, people couldn’t just find Goldberg in the downloads. The trick to solving the problem is to head to the downloads section where you may see “Waiting to Install” beside Goldberg. This is an indication that you have to manually download and install Goldberg’s data. Once you unlock Goldberg, the possibilities are endless. You can even watch Goldberg fight Lesnar – a match that’s scheduled to take place in the real world very soon.

Meanwhile, take a look at the video by Macho T explaining how you can perform the Giant Spear finishing move –