We came across Gamespot’s Facebook page and saw a video uploaded with a question for its viewers – “What if Smash was more like WWE?”. Gamespot’s video got the response it didn’t quite expect – over 10,000 likes, 3000+ comments, and 8000 shares so far. As the question already makes it clear, the video explores the possibility of an exciting world of Super Smash Bros having a little WWE flavor. And needless to say, the video is quite interesting and actually convinces you into wanting this to happen!

WWE 2K17

The video specifically showcases CAW (Create A Wrestler) system that WWE is known for and succeeds brilliantly in recreating Nintendo’s Pikachu and Kirby characters. After watching the video, several fans were excited about the possible crossover between the two companies. Sadly, the video doesn’t explicitly state anything about the crossover and the probabilities of that happening are slim. The video is just a teaser for fans to relish the “what if” universe of WWE flavor added to Super Smash Bros.

It’s highly unlikely that Nintendo will agree to WWE 2K featuring their characters. Besides, going by company’s history, the only time Nintendo has had crossovers in the past is when it was one of their own titles, including Smash Bros series. You get to see characters like Cloud (from Final Fantasy VII), Mega Man and the very famous Pac-man appearing in the latest series. But the chances of the same happening with 2K is extremely rare.

So it looks like Super Smash Bros will not get WWE flavor any time soon. But the possibility of 2K introducing DLC pack that come with customization options featuring other exotic game titles – Red Dead, GTA etc – is high. Would you like to see characters from these titles making special appearances in WWE 2K17? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Meanwhile, watch the video that made everybody’s imagination run wild –

  • LoverVideogame2 .

    Hell yeah I would GTA characters would be the best for WWE 2K and Red Dead. Or even have crossover with GTA and WWE of course it would probably be T-M while that shit is still around but nobody gives a shit those old people are long gone extinct but not all the way until Donald Trump beats Hilary politics lol etc.. So have the WWE characters going to GTA be like themselves but in Los Santos have the GTA 5 characters take WWE and Stephanie McMahon hostage that’ll be the M part of it if that shit still exists when the game is made and WWE in Las Santos would be the other.