WWE 2K17 has its own fan following. 2K Games was in news recently when  fans criticized it for paid Goldberg Pack DLC. As part of the exclusive pre-order bonus, 2K Games had offered the legendary character Goldberg unlock. All those who pre-ordered the game got to unlock the legendary character. But fans weren’t happy when 2K Games made the DLC public, releasing it for a price-tag of $4.99, within just a month of the pre-order announcement. Some players tweeted that they felt 2K Games had cheated them by first announcing that the Goldberg DLC will be “exclusive” to pre-orders and now making it available for $4.99. And those who wanted to opt in for the paid DLC complained about the high price, especially considering that the $4.99 DLC doesn’t offer much.

WWE 2K17

New Moves Pack DLC

And now, WWE2K17 is in the news again. 2K Games accidentally released a WWE2K17 DLC pack, well before the official release date. The new pack offers several new moves and has got the fans excited. The update is expected to fix a number of issues fans have been facing of late and more importantly, brings in several new moves –

  • Diced Bread (Johnny Gorgano)
  • Deadlift Falcon Arrow (Michael Elgin)
  • Euro Uppercut Combo (Noam Dar)
  • Diving Elbro Drop (Zack Ryder)
  • Eight Second Ride (James Storm)
  • Fire Ball Punch (Kenny Omega)
  • Pop Up Cutter (Randy Orton)
  • Swingout Neckbreaker (Charlotte Flair)

These aren’t the only new moves. The new DLC pack is expected to include many more moves. Some of the moves for tag teams includes – Super Kick/Knee Smash Combo, Wishbone, Thunder Valley and Brainbuster/Roundhose Kick.

Going by the company’s history, it’s fair to expect few teasers about the new moves before the official release. If you can recall, the Legends Pack had added a new Frog Splash move, a new Powerbomb and many other moves.  The upcoming new moves DLC will also provide users the opportunity to change Zack Ryder’s finishing move. With the new DLC, you may not restrict yourself to the regular Diving Elbow Drops.

All those who missed the Goldberg and NXT Superstars DLC can download it now. The latest to the addition of DLC was the Legends Pack. The WWE 2K17 Patch 1.01 laid the ground for Legends Pack DLC. The patch included essential fixes ahead of the Legends Pack DLC release.


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