Recently, several images surfaced online that showed a burnt up iPhone 7 device. However, the cause of the damage is still unclear. While isolated incidents like this always happen, it’s too early to confirm anything. After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster, users have become more alert. We can expect to see few more such cases in the near future. However, the iPhone 7 explosion does not seem to be a widespread problem.

Should You Worry About The Apple iPhone 7 Explosion Case
Courtesy: Reddit user ‘kroopthesnoop’

The image of a damaged iPhone 7 device was posted by Reddit user ‘kroopthesnoop‘ on Wednesday. It seems like a matte black iPhone 7 Plus has exploded. However, in this case, the Apple iPhone 7 did not catch fire. Instead, its battery simply ‘inflated,’ which is reported to have happened before with faulty batteries in Apple devices. The phone looks burned and bent in the picture.

Some malfunction might have caused the battery to blow up internally, which lead to a clearly dislodged display. The Apple iPhone 7 display is not easy to remove without the right tools. The display can withstand some serious drops, as seen in several drop tests. In this case, the new smartphone might have been dropped in a way that somehow damaged the battery. This might have happened in between transports. Apple will have to properly examine these damaged units, especially since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

As of now, the iPhone 7 explosion case is being seen as an extremely isolated incident. iPhone 7 users need not worry about their safety yet. It looks like the iPhone 7’s reported case is quite different from the defective Note 7 units.

The Galaxy Note 7 was clearly a battery issue as the devices exploded only when charged or overheated. Also, multiple incidents were reported in close succession. There hasn’t been another iPhone 7 explosion case as yet. We will have to wait and see. There is no need to panic as of now.


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