After the single-player focus of Warlords of Draenor and the long waits between patches, it was easy to believe that Blizzard had lost its mojo when it came to World of WarCraft. And it appears we were right, cause Legion gives the same impression. In our World of WarCraft Legion Impressions we will explain to you why, if you’re a returning player, you shouldn’t hinge too much of your expectations on the new expansion.

world of warcraft legion impressions
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World of WarCraft Legion Impressions – Not worth your time

The questing experience is quite different in World of WarCraft Legion. Due to the newly implemented scaling, players now have the option to choose which zone they want to level up in and the order in which they will progress through those zones in the Broken Isle. Many games had this feature before, especially Guild Wars 2, so we weren’t as hyped for this feature.

However, what’s also notable about the new quests is that it doesn’t take long before they become repetitive. The possible pool of world quests isn’t currently that large either.

There are new combat animations but they don’t make the overall gameplay feel less clunky and out-dated. They do feel fresh because they look different from the one we are used to but still don’t do much to take care of the core issues with combat controls.

Artifact weapons

Personally, we have mixed opinions about artifact weapons. The way you obtain them feels a bit rushed and anti-climatic. It also feels weird seeing every player running around with a unique and powerful weapon. Gaining artifact power is a long grind and something we didn’t feel so much fun doing.

Class order halls

The Warlords of Draenor mission table makes a return and we still don’t like it. It’s not as intrusive or annoying in Legion as it was in Draenor but the content it provides is extremely boring. It serves no purpose other than arbitrary time-gating.

Let us know what you think of our World of WarCraft Legion Impressions.


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