World of WarCraft: Legion came out 2 months ago and Blizzard is already speaking about new expansions on BlizzCon 2016. Well, Blizzard is doing a system of where there is a steady stream of content at all times. Patch 7.1.5 will be out at some point in between December-Jan and 7.2 will come in mid-2017. So we’re pretty sure Argus will be in a patch. Patch 7.3 instead of a new expansion. Blizzard just has planned really far ahead.

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World of WarCraft: Legion will get more patches instead of entire expansions in the future

Argus doesn’t have Sargeras on the planet. Sargeras is stuck in the Twisting Nether / in a non-physical plane. So on Argus we aren’t quite sure what we are fighting. We just know that we’re going to be fighting them at their “Capital”. As well as Legion isn’t the be all & end all enemy. We can slightly feel a Sargeras redemption story coming as we can team up to defeat the void lords.

Nothing has been confirmed as to whether this is Patch 7.2.5/7.3 or its own expansion. We just know in the future we’re going to Argus. There’s also the possibility of Legacy servers. It’s a bit controversial because it mainly appeals to nostalgic WoW fans but there’s a good logic behind Blizzard implementing that as well.

There is no reason not to have an optional legacy server for those players that want it, other than the fact that blizzard is worried that people would play legacy more than the current version. That could be very detrimental to the future of the game as far as sales go on upcoming expansions. If a team of average working joes was able to put up a stable vanilla server for free, blizzard could do it in a blink of an eye and make a lot of profit. For a long time, the decs have lied to us about why there are no legacy servers, all the way down to flat out saying they don’t have the code anymore, which sounds completely unreasonable.

Anyways let us know your thoughts on all the info revealed for World of WarCraft: Legion at BlizzCon 2016.


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