Monster collecting has never been cuter. We find it very enjoyable and the kiddie dialogue and Vas are supposed to be kiddy and cute. That’s the whole point. The fact that they decided to bring back, frankly, a boring combat system but actually improving it so that it’s not boring anymore and adding the colourful cute world around it, makes it much more enjoyable If you want to know how to get the true ending in World of Final Fantasy, then here’s how to.

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How to get the true ending in World of Final Fantasy

You have catch ramuh, shiva, ifrit. You need to capture all the pleiads with the star-icon aswell (ramuh, shiva, ifrit, odin, bahamut, diabolos, leviathan, all with star-icon). There is also going to be a Sora Champion Medal summon from Kingdom Hearts. It will be free DLC sometime this winter for a limited time. Most likely around January when kingdom hearts 2.8 is released.

If you pre-ordered the game, you also must have got the Japanese voices. If you want a more challenge, switch from wait mode to active mode. In active mode, the turns don’t pause and you have to be faster than the enemy. To get the 3 mirages for the good ending, just complete the coliseum quests and then they will show up on their own. You don’t have to wait that long for shiva, ramuh, and ifrit. Also, you need to complete every Intervene in The Girl’s Tearoom. To get the seraphie, you need to beat the game at least once and get the bad ending (via mobilenapps).

Just keep playing the game and have fun. Use Libra on everything if you don’t know the details of the enemy. The Girl’s Tearoom is a major part of the story. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more tips, tricks and guides on World of Final Fantasy as well as other games.


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