World of Final Fantasy walks a thin tightrope. It wants to be two things to two different kinds of people as it tries to appeal to new, younger players with breezy JRPG gameplay and characters who wouldn’t be out of place in a tween-friendly cartoon show, while offering heavy doses of nostalgia and deeper, more strategic systems for long-time series fans.

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Is World Of Final Fantasy a no or a yes?

It goes back to its roots in terms of gameplay. Sadly, this may possibly be the only turn based FF that’s new in a long long time. A lot of people don’t like it because it is not the main series game but that statement is a bit harsh on World of Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy Tactics is considered one the greatest RPGs ever created and is not a main series game. It’s sequel helped revive the Turn-Based Tactics genre of games. Crystal Chronicles is also considered an infinitely replayable and enjoyable game by many thanks to its laid-back style. Kingdom Hearts is a crossover with Disney and has arguably as strong a following as Final Fantasy itself. So no, the statement about the game not being good because it doesn’t belong to the main series, is vastly incorrect.

Here’s a statement that is true, though. Final Fantasy 13 and its sequels are objectively crap thanks to repetitive and linear gameplay, nonsensical plot, and irritating characters. Turn-based combat isn’t inherently broken and boring. It just needs to be balanced properly. Pokémon made an E-sport out of turn-based JRPG combat, and it’s not even as complex as Final Fantasy’s used to be.

A lot of franchises are doing the nostalgia stuff nowadays, aren’t they? They think all the old fans want this stuff? Why not just make the old games accessible on newer systems if you’re so concerned about drawing in people who didn’t grow up with it? Dangerous game they’re playing in our opinion because in case if they screw up the new stuff, that’s not helping new OR old fans.


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