We have seen her ferocious action while looking sexy in the Fast series, got amazingly hypnotized by her amazonian Greek look in Wonder Woman and now this, she looks smoking hot in a new film Triple 9 which also features Kate Winslet, Woody Harrelson, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame.

Speaking about the trailer, the movie seems to hop around the story of gangsters which has an integration of hotness, courtesy Gal Gadot and Kate Winslet. The movie also has an eccentric star cast who are multi-talented. Though Gadot seems to have a cameo shot in the movie, but her appearance balances the act of the rest of the trailer.

She has been in the good books of DC comics with her role as Wonder Woman; she made an awesome entry in Batman Vs Superman and how carries with herself 3 back to back DC comic releases, isn’t that awesome.


Steering towards her role in Triple 9, she appears to be playing a bombshell who can be a girlfriend of any mafia or also might be playing a twisted character of integral importance. About her appearance, in the trailer, she appears as a Russian girl who is dressed in a black and red combination, further boiling the adrenaline of the audience. She looks sultry and hot which can be counted as the bomb factor of the movie.

Kate Winslet who is an Oscar winner and has appeared in several outgoing characters, appears to be playing the lady don in the movie who has a lot of goons working on her one pucker. Well, the trailer promises hotness, audacity, guts, action and all we have to see it how perfectly is it balanced? Take a look.  

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