The Witcher 3 creator CD Projekt Red seems to be dealing with a hostile takeover and they are taking all necessary steps to defend themselves from it. There is no way the quality wouldn’t get impacted. The money would become an essential factor if the take over happened. Thus, leading to more of a focus on releasing more games at crap quality rather than few games with better quality.

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The Witcher 3 creator CD Projekt Red is under threat from a takeover at the moment

Can you imagine the witcher 3 turned into an online multiplayer with microtransactions everywhere? The chills. DAY 1 DLC. Unlock special abilities and mutagen slots for just under 19.99$! Don’t miss the amazing opportunity to mercilessly immolate your enemies with the power of IGNI. Unlock this ability for just 9.99$! ONE TIME OFFER. (Or something along those lines).

It’s just speculation at the moment. They have announced the intention of doing that a while ago. CEO of CD Projekt was interviewed by one of the Polish portals, money_pl. They said that they expect it may happen and they are just trying to take possible steps to prevent ‘potential’ takeovers in the future.

It’s obvious that EA and others are threatened by CDPR. They’ve created a game that well surpassed any of this generation. Not to mention they care about the gaming community by having free content (aside from the expansions of course). The expansions themselves, especially Blood and Wine, are well more full of content given the 20 dollar price tag than anything other publishers have put out. It sickens us when people out there, who have heart, dedication and talent, are trampled under the oppressive boot of corporate endeavors. We really hope you all over there in Poland fight those sobs. CDPR is one of the last shining beacons for gamers who want more than overpriced and cut-up games for the sake of profit.


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