Since Horizon Zero Dawn’s discharge prior this week, players (counting us) have turned out to be delighted with hero Aloy. Her adventure through a post-post end of the world loaded with mechanical creatures is a sight to behold. Many game designers and fans have loaded acclaim onto Guerrilla Games for putting the game out, and one of them has been CD Projekt Red. They are the developers behind the acclaimed The Witcher 3 game. Not only do they adore the game, they likewise drew their character Geralt giving Aloy an epic high five.

the witcher 3

The Witcher 3 Maker Congrats Horizon Zero Dawn Developer With A Special Picture

It’s an entirely cute bit of fan art and adds some daintiness to a couple of characters who don’t generally get a credit such as this in their particular game. Geralt may at long last be taking a seat with whoever his source of love is toward the finish of The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine. However, he’s seen some stuff that unquestionably stays with you.

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Furthermore, Aloy doesn’t have many–or truly, any–friends in Horizon Zero Dawn. Given that she’s a pariah what not. So it’s decent to see them get some delight in their lives. However, all things considered, a hybrid between these two would be sweet. Not certain how that would function strategically or gameplay-wise. But rather perhaps give her a Geralt character pack or something? It’d be cool, and a few fans have as of now began requesting both of them to join in some form.

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