Geralt’s journey into Toussaint with the Blood and Wine DLC will be his last, according to developers CD Projekt RED. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC will release on May 31st, and the developers have seen it fit to release a launch trailer well in advance of the game’s actual launch. Can’t fault them for being excited. Fun fact: this is probably going to be the last Witcher-related launch trailer you’ll see for years.


The launch trailer shows off the vistas and the people of the region of Toussaint, which is where Geralt will be visiting in the coming adventure. Described as a land of “love and wine”, the region obviously takes some inspiration from Southern France, and is a land untouched by war – lending its bright, colourful visage compared to, say, Velen. And of course, the trailer also shows of the darker elements that Geralt will be meeting: hideous monsters, fearsome battles and dark conspiracies hiding under the shadows.

Blood and Wine will wrap up the Witcher franchise for CD Projekt RED (via Eurogamer), which is now committed to pursuing other games, such as the in-development Cyberpunk 2077. This must no doubt put a lot of pressure on the company to make sure that the final expansion pack for the final Witcher game is a strong one. All will be revealed when it finally launches on May 31st, on the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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