“Winds of Winter” release is generating a lot of hype as thousands of fans are ardently waiting to get access to it.  The book has been delayed countless times and the recent reports also indicate that the “A Song of Fire and Ice” sixth installment is going to be delayed further. Check out what George Martin has to say about all this and its connection with the premiere of “Game of Thrones” Season 7.

According to Korea Portal, George RR Martin who is the writer of the series is tired of all the hype that is putting so much pressure on him to release “Winds of Winter” at the earliest. The source has said that the writer has hinted that he may not be able to complete the book as he has many other things on the mind as of now.

 ‘Winds Of Winter’ May Not Release Before ‘GOT’ Season 7 Premiere

Incidentally, Martin is the author of “Game of Thrones’ and is also quite busy with other projects. He has hinted that it will not be possible for him to complete the novel soon as even though he is working harder, he is still lagging a lot behind. According to the writer, he needs more energy and time to finish the pending things.

Winds of Winter

Reports also indicate that apart from “Winds of Winter,” Martin is also currently focusing on his newly-founded StageCoach foundation aimed at helping local filmmakers in New Mexico develop their skills.

New Projects Delaying ‘Winds of Winter’

The writer is planning another important project with HBO soon after “Game of Thrones.”  So fans should not expect the book to come out at least before the premiere of “Game of Thrones” Season 7. According to Counsel & Heal, the upcoming sixth installment will provide answers to all the questions left unsolved in the previous installment titled, “A Dance with Dragons.”

George RR Martin has said that the “Winds of Winter” will begin with two big battles and take the story further.  Since the writer is known to come up with some fantastic story line fans are just eager to get their hands on the sixth book in the series. However, as of now, there is no confirmed information about its release date except for the fact that it can be delayed further.


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