“Winds of Winter” has been delayed too long. The fans are just frustrated with the author, George R.R. Martin because he has not given any confirmation about the release date. Even then, latest reports indicate that the writer is trying to complete the sixth installment of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” fast and may release it sometime by the end of 2017.

According to Blasting News, “A Clash of Kings” author can possibly publish “Winds of Winter” before the end of this year. Incidentally, Martin is currently busy with few other projects and is also committed to a social organization StageCoach Foundation. The 68-year-old writer has launched this foundation with the aim to help the filmmakers from his hometown.

‘Winds Of Winter’ Delayed Further Due to Five Spinoffs

Almost a month ago, Martin confirmed that he is busy writing the script for five spinoffs of “Game of Thrones.” The series’ seventh season will premiere on July 16 and the five spinoffs are moving forward very fast. Does this mean that “Winds of Winter” release will be delayed again?

Winds of Winter
Winds of Winter

There is a strong possibility that George R.R. Martin may not be able to complete the much-awaited sixth sequel to the book in time. Even then, fans are speculating that the New Mexican writer will try to release the book before the end of 2017.

Will ‘Nightflyers’ Delay ‘Winds Of Winter’ Release?

Recently the writer announced on his blog that SyFy channel has given green signal to “Nightflyers” pilot, says Heavy. The source says that the series will be based on the novel by Martin released in 1980. It is a sci-fi horror story. Although it is good news, fans are worried that this may distract the attention of Martin from “Winds of Winter” and the book will be delayed further.

However, Martin will not be a part of televising “Nightflyers” as he is bound by his exclusive contract with HBO and hence cannot be a part of the development process.


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