Going by the statistics, Europe has been the most successful market for Windows Phones for the past few years. But now the trend is changing and almost all the major market are seeing huge drops in the sales of Windows Phones. Statistics offered by Kantar for a period of three months ending in January 2016 have revealed some startling and surprising facts. The sales percentage show a decrease in the number of Windows Phone sales. But what is interesting is that the change is not a small change, rather a big difference from the past few months.


Let’s look at the statistics in detail. Italy has been the best market for Windows for the past months. But Italy had the largest drop in Windows Phone users. They had a significant drop of 6%, from a decent 13.2% to a jaw-dropping 7.2%. France also had similar news and they had a drop of 5.2%. It was initially 13% back in January 2015, but now it has dropped to 7.8%. Yet another country on the list is Germany. Germany’s Windows Phone share dropped from 8.9% to 5.9%, a drop of 3%.

Things are definitely not looking good for Windows Phone users. Market share is dropping in almost all the major markets and going by the looks of it, there might not be any more users in a few years. Even the United States and Australia also showed declining figures. Looking at the positives, the United Kingdom had a slight increase in the market share from 7.5% to 8.6%. It is believed that Microsoft’s idleness to launch the new update, Windows 10 Mobile, has hurt them significantly. At least, that is what the statistics show.


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