Along with releasing the Windows 10 Mobile OTA for older Lumias, Microsoft is also seeding the new Windows 10 Redstone Build 14291 For PC to users enrolled in the insiders program. There are major feature additions in this build before the final release this summer.


The latest build is only applicable to users in the fast ring, and with it brings the most requested, expected and exciting feature of browser extensions to the core operating system.

Initially, the Redmond giant planned to include the browser extension feature in Threshold 2(November Update), but somehow the devs team managed to squeeze it in the Windows 10 build 14291, so Edge users can further expand the functionality of the application with add-ons.

At the time of writing, there aren’t many extensions available on Edge, but we expect the number to rise once Microsoft officially announces and explain it in the coming build conference.

The other improvement to Edge Browser includes the ability to pin tabs, a feature which the Microsoft’s browser lacked from competitors like Chrome and Firefox. To use it, simply right-click any specific tab.

“Pinned tabs don’t show a close button, so you won’t accidentally close them. Pinned tabs that are in your Microsoft Edge window when you close the app will come back the next time you open Microsoft Edge,” Gabe Aul, head of the Windows Insider program, has explained.

Also, the eagerly anticipated “paste and go” option in the context menu when right-clicking the address bar makes it way to the Edge browser allowing you to quickly load a website should you have the link in the clipboard.

Furthermore, there are the usual bug fixes and improvements in comparison to the older build, making it a perfect bet for insiders.


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