We all have been waiting eagerly for the Windows 10 Mobile release for older devices and the rumour mill too has played its part in it.

Anyways, after months of desperation and wait, Microsoft might have just dropped a hint about the delivery of Windows 10 Mobile. The landing page for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile has received few changes worth noticing.

Earlier, the site read “The latest and greatest Windows experience is coming to Lumia smartphones”, but since yesterday, it proclaims “The latest and greatest Windows experience is now on Lumia smartphones”.


While there hasn’t been any official statement from Microsoft about the release, things still look pretty promising, and when combined with the earlier rumours from EV Leaks, Vodafone Italy and T-Mobile Croatia, we might just be at the end of the tunnel.

All rumours point to 17th March, today. So, hold your phone tight and close, you might just the OTA anytime soon. The update is expected to roll in batches with the first wave hitting the 1GB RAM devices.

Let us know if you too are excited about this development.


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