Windows 10 Mobile Release For Lumia Phones Is A Big Disappointment

If you remember, Microsoft Mexico had said a few weeks ago that the official Windows 10 Mobile update for Windows Phone devices was going to be released on 29th February. Well, today is 1st March, and there’s no sign of any upgrade. Moreover, Microsoft chooses to stay tight-lipped about the Windows 10 Mobile release date, even though the market share is getting hurt by the secrecy built up around the operating system.

Windows 10 Mobile

A lot of users have grown tired of waiting and have decided to hop on to another platform. This is a very bad turn for Microsoft, as it might end up losing a large part of its user base. Gartner has provided some latest market share statistics, which suggests that just 1.1% of all the phones in the world are running Windows Phone OS. Do note that this number was 3% earlier.

The fact that Windows 10 Mobile is taking too long is not the reason behind the decrease in the market share. The reason is that Microsoft does not provide any details on its plans for the OS, and even if it does, either they are too vague or do not end up as promised. And that’s what is hurting the community. For instance, the company had said that Windows 10 Mobile would come out in early 2016, which could mean anything between January to April. That’s the uncertainty users hate.

Also, a lot of Microsoft accounts, like the Mexico Twitter arm, leak information that comes out as inaccurate. It’s already March 2016 and we haven’t got any confirmation from the company about the upgrade. Such type of secrecy is unwanted from the consumers, who are the ultimate buyers and have every right to know what’s going on about the updates that their devices are set to receive.

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  • Matthew Prendergast

    I love the Lumia 640. I thought I was smart and oped in the for developer updates (don’t do it). Now I am stuck until the official 10 is released. Even with the issues I have, I still prefer it over Android. I haven’t used an Iphone long term but what i have used of one, I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • yorkie40

    totally agree why Microsoft cant tell you a date is beyond me I have asked on twitter and get its coming soon !!! I have asked on there answer desk and guess what the answer is .. its coming soon
    they can ship brand new handsets with it on so why not update older ones or is it there plan for us to buy a new handset .. well I wont be as the one I got only 3 months old and awaiting the update its promised LOL waiting waiting waiting waiting oh and waiting

  • Maik Adamietz

    They didn’t miss the deadline because there simply wasn’t one since the
    announcement from Microsoft Mexico wasn’t officially confirmed by
    Microsoft Redmond. Everyone should have know by know it wasn’t about to
    happen. Also people should be more patient and understand that they
    won’t release a OS that still has critical bugs in it, i’m pretty sure
    as a consumer you wouldn’t be too happy to use buggy software. Microsoft
    has hit a bumpy road on the Windows 10 Mobile development so give them
    the time they need to give us a more or less smooth release.

    • Dan H

      They frickin’ missed the deadline that THEY OFICIALLY ANNOUNCED by almost three months now! So… cmon…

      • Maik Adamietz

        Dan, i was talking about the 29th of february release date that Microsoft Mexico announced but never was confirmed by Redmond. It went wrong in december which was too bad. You can get Windows 10 Mobile through the Insider Release Preview Ring which is the most stable one. That being said Windows 10 Mobile is there, maybe not available for normal consumers but it’s there. AND it is released with the Lumia 550, 950 and 950 XL.

        Be more patient and wait, if you can’t switch to the Release Preview Ring or switch to Android or iOS and move on. 😉

  • Dan H

    They will release 10 Mobile in two thousand and … never, probably. I’ll most likely be switching to OnePlus 2 very soon. Big fail from Microsoft…

  • Clay

    Not sure why the Feb 29th date was taken seriously by anyone. It came from Microsoft MEXICO!!!! Not once was this date promoted by any other arm of Microsoft.

  • mmTL

    Article is correct, the uncertainty is what’s killing the platform.

  • Timothy Garcia

    I think the phone is great on 8.1, though I definitely am looking forward to the jump to Windows 10. It will happen when it happens, and I suspect it will be within a couple of months.