Microsoft released Windows 10 Redstone Build 14291 for PC today and the same is now getting rolled for Mobile by the Redmond. It comes in line with Microsoft’s plan of keeping the Desktop and Mobile in sync. Both the builds are targetted at insiders, so don’t frown if you ain’t getting the update.


One thing to note though is that Redstone build is a completely different channel in insiders and only includes the handsets launched with Windows 10 Mobile in the first place, like Lumia 550, 650, 950 and 950 XL. Microsoft plans to add more devices in future, but for the time being this build is limited to above devices registered in Windows insider program.

Coming to the features, the PC build includes the new Edge extensions feature which isn’t applicable in this mobile build. There are plans to bring this feature to mobiles too, but it shall take some time.

BTW, Microsoft has increased the size of the close button on the Tabs page in Edge browser on mobiles, making it easier to close them.

The best thing about the new Windows 10 Mobile 14291 build is the update to Maps app. It’s pretty major update as touted earlier by Microsoft and includes one-tap access to search and directors from anywhere on your phone along with multiple searches and directions at the same time. You also have the possibility of minimizing search results, directions, and location info, turn-by-turn directions provided by Cortana, offline access for favorite locations, and the ability to search for cities in the 3D list.

Then, there are updates to Alarm & Clock app which now comes with inline time picker and improved design.

Microsoft has also made the Feedback Hub available on mobile, merging the Insider Hub and the Feedback app in just one app that serves all purposes.


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