Carriers around the world are testing new iteration of Windows Mobile OS, and while Microsoft is still silent about it there are more and more reports showing that Windows 10 Mobile release is quickly approaching.

Windows 10 Mobile

Vodafone Australia, for instance, is already finished with testing and it’s awaiting confirmation from Microsoft in order to start shipping the update to its users. This shows that Microsoft is having the final say about the Windows 10 Mobile update process. Until they approve it, carriers can’t begin shipping the update.

Lumia 640, 640 XL, 735, and 930 should be the first models that will get Windows 10 Mobile, according to Vodafone Australia’s device lineup. Other supported models should get the new version of Windows when the second wave of update starts.

Microsoft is still working on Windows 10 Mobile preview builds, and next one should be available to insiders next week.

We don’t know much about the contents of the next build, other than it will fix more bugs and further improve performance. Microsoft is advising insiders to restore their phones with WRDT before upgrade back to Windows 10 Mobile, so the phones work perfectly when they finally get the full version of the OS.


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