As we all know, the Microsoft is currently beta testing the upcoming new Windows 10 Mobile with Insiders, a latest Mobile build 10.0.10134 has shown in the screenshots.

windows 10 mobile, screenshot

In the new build there are couple of visible tweaks, like, the X to close the windows on multi-tasking screen has been redesigned from a small circle with an X in it to the larger and modern X similar to desktop version. Also, the background of the multi-tasking page can now show the same graphic used on the Start screen instead of just the accent color.

Spartan (Edge) can pin the websites to Start screen, which  was previously possible with IE only. Also there are slightly change in the wordings for one of the settings – “Predict the next page and speed up browsing with flip ahead” is changed to “Use page prediction to speed up browsing and improving reading view”. Further, Mobile+SIM in settings has been renamed as Cellular, and Cortana now has the same onboarding UI as the desktop.

You can checkout all the leaked screenshots of build 10.0.10134 in the gallery below.

While the Microsoft has already confirmed that the Windows 10 Mobile will not be launched along with Windows 10 for PC on July 29th, it is anticipated that the Mobile version could arrive sometimes this fall.

A Windows 10 build 10135 for desktop has also leaked in screenshots.