The launch of the much awaited Windows 10 Mobile is almost imminent and is expected to come out later this month. Microsoft has taken a huge step towards this goal by rolling out a brand new update for the newer Lumia phones. Currently available for the Lumia 550, 950 and 950 XL, the 10586.107 update is promising to bring about a lot of improvements to the OS and offers much more stability and fluidity to the performance. The update is also available for non-insiders as well.


The update has been made available to these three phones to analyze the overall quality of it. It will be made available to the open market next week after the results are monitored.

Rumours are doing rounds that this current update might be the big one that Microsoft intends to launch as Windows 10 Mobile. According to a post from Microsoft Mexico, they have plans to launch the major update on the 29th of February. Microsoft may have released the update to three phones to test them out and might release the same update as Windows 10 Mobile for all the Lumia handsets on February 29th.

All the devices may not receive the update at the end of the month. Microsoft may release the update to a set of Lumia phones and then continue with different sets of phones in waves. Hopefully, they will release a roadmap for the updates in the next few weeks. If Microsoft doesn’t mess up with the update process, this might be a big step towards gaining some lost momentum.


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