Back in September, when Microsoft first announced Windows 10, the company stated that it would start the brand new form of the OS sometime in late 2015. This week, Microsoft COO (Chief Operating Officer) Kevin Turner supplied more details in the matter, saying the strategy would be to really have a programmer preview ready in “early summer.” Afterward, by “late summer and early fall”, Microsoft should make Windows 10 accessible to all users. Things may change in the interim,, but we assume Microsoft will let us understand if that’s true.

As reported not long ago, Microsoft is testing Windows 10 for devices. More importantly, the Redmond giant supported that all Windows Phone 8- Lumia devices could be updated to Windows 10. It might not be that most non-Lumia WP 8 devices will also get the update.

Based on ZDNet, Microsoft should showcases an initial preview of the Windows 10 mobile SKU in late January 2015. This will definitely work not only on Windows Phones, but also on Intel-based tablets and ARM-based phones.

What are your expectations for Win 10?

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