Microsoft has been busy all day today, after releasing the cumulative updates for PCs and Windows 10 Mobile, the company is now seeding a new Windows 10 build 14342, this time exclusively for PC insiders in the fast ring. The mobile counterpart will follow suit in a couple of days time.

windows 10 pc speed improvment tips

This new build comes with several important improvements, including new Microsoft Edge extensions and a bunch of new features.

Firstly, the extensions are made available in the Windows store for anyone to download and install them. All current extensions post installation will be removed and will need to be installed once again via Windows store. The company is working to fix this in future builds when they’ll be automatically re-downloaded and installed.

Real-time notifications are now supported by the Microsoft Edge browser and are displayed in the Action Center. Web notifications work same like the typical toast notification sent from a PC and clicking on it gets you to the website that sent it.

Swipe navigation gestures are also part of the Windows 10 Build 14342 and Microsoft says that this is one of the features that will land on mobile devices as well.

There are also improvements to the Ubuntu Bash, including support for users with non-Latin Windows users. A good amount of focus has been laid into dark theme support which can now be spotted on the Skype app along with the User Account Control dialog, with the header color changed from yellow to blue too.

Lastly, Microsoft says that it’ll soon let users associate apps with websites and this build comes with improvements in this regard.


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