Microsoft has released a new set of bug fixes in the form of Windows 10 phone build 10586.107. For those who came in late, the Windows 10 phone is yet to be released although it has been a year since the OS has hit the market. While there are rumours about it being released mid February, that is almost here and Microsoft still hasn’t opened its mouth except for this bug fix build. Here is more about it anyway:


It is only available to you if you are a fast user in the Windows Insider program – this means that the fix is fairly new and not entirely error-proof so you’ll be using it at your own risk. After you install it, you’ll find no new features. However, rumours say that there are three major updates to the build.

There is a fix to the error in the home screen where tiles went missing earlier a little while into the usage. Secondly, the update takes care of the windows reset function that has an encryption algorithm called Bitlocker Device Encryption enabled. Finally, the build also updates the Narrator, which can now speak more languages. Hence, as previously, the company has focused on making what they already have bug-free than adding features to it.

Since the update is available only to the fast ring users, it can be assumed that it is unlikely that the Windows 10 phone will be released in time for the MWC or as early as rumours said. However, it could be that Microsoft is testing the last version of the OS and we will see it released officially fairly soon!


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