Microsoft has officially confirmed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update at the ongoing BUILD 2016 developer conference with the promise that the update will facilitate a “more personal computing that comes to life.”

Here’s what end-users can expect from the update:

As we have already pointed out previously, Microsoft is planning to introduce some major updates to the Edge browser, including new extension support, biometric authentication support (using Windows Hello), and possibly even native AdBlock support.

windows 10 anniversary update new features

A number of other native apps including the likes Groove Music, Camera, Maps, Photos etc. are also likely to be updated.

Cortana users can also expect a few major improvements vis-a-vis enhanced voice commands alongside the ability to activate right from the lock screen. Not just that, she will also make intelligent suggestions while you use your PC or smartphone, e.g. places nearby, reminders, and more.

Least surprisingly of all, Windows Inking is all set to receive its fair share of improvements as the Anniversary Update looms prepares to hit Windows 10 devices. The new Ink workspace tools will enable users to draw on top of any app using a set of pens, virtual rulers and more.

For example, with the improved Windows Inking, users will now be able easily annotate Maps in other maps applications.

Finally, the new update will also bring some good news for Xbox users who will now be able to convert their gaming console into devkits and test new games and apps.


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