Microsoft plans to take the Action Center on Windows 10 a step further with the Anniversary update (earlier known as Redstone update). After deeply integrating Cortana in the OS, Microsoft now wants the Action Center to read notifications from other devices and other platforms as well. This is something very interesting and foreseen by the company and might tilt more users to upgrade from older Windows variant.

A journalist from Verge has shared a picture on twitter saying respond to Android notifications from Windows 10 Action Center itself. The synchronization will be done by Cortana Android.

We can expect some limitations, but the idea is pretty novel, and Microsoft further plans to make “dismiss all” option available too on PC for Android notifications. The feature might not come to iOS due to operating system restrictions.

windows 10 600x397px

Windows 10 Anniversary update is expected to hit PCs and Mobiles this summer and such improvements will greatly enhance the overall value of the ecosystem. The official release is almost 3 months far so we can expect the feature to pop up in some future builds for insiders. Let us know in the comments section below what you make of this new feature on Windows 10.