Windows 10 64-bit has replaced Windows 7 to become the most preferred operating system for the Steam users. It took only 8 months for the Windows 1064-bit to become the most used OS on this Valve’s gaming platform.

Windows 10 64-bit took the top spot on the chart by receiving a 2.96 percent hike in the last month and it currently sits on the top with a share of 36.97 percent. However, Windows 7 still leads the charts when it comes to an overall share of one particular OS as the Windows 7 32-bit version also has a significant share of 6.97 percent. But version-wise Windows 10 64-bit is at the top and its share is still continuously growing and it should soon surpass Windows 7 in overall shares too.


Windows 7 had been ruling this chart for the last few years now, but its share dropped by 1.22 percent to 32.99 percent and thus it slipped to the second spot. Windows 8.1 64-bit has also been losing users as it saw a downfall of 0.31 percent and it currently stands at 12.93 percent share on Steam.

Surprisingly, only one OS expect for Windows 10 saw a hike in the number of users and that OS is Windows Vista 64-bit, but don’t get too excited as the increase was just of a mere 0.01 percent. Windows 10 64-bit took a huge leap in shares by gaining 2.96 percent on Steam last month, but the 32-bit version of the OS could only improve its share by 0.01 percent. Rest of the Operating Systems had to incur losses in the overall share.Windows 10 64-bit

Microsoft would be quite glad to see that the gamers have been switching to its latest OS and it also needn’t worry about competition from the rivals as Mac OS X saw a decline of 0.08 percent and currently stands at 3.32 percent of total share, while the Linux’ share dipped by 0.06 percent and it is currently at 0.85 percent.

The inclusion of DirectX 12 on Windows 10 has been bringing more users on the Windows 10. Also, the company is offering the latest OS to the current Windows 7 and 8.1 users as a free upgrade till July 29, 2016, thus encouraging more and more users to switch to the Windows 10. We’ll hopefully see a continuous growth in its share in the coming months too.

  • flashpoint

    “Windows 1064-bit” daym.

  • Ronald Johnson

    Oh, I believe it. But not by choice. I plopped down 110 bux to buy Windows for 1 game. 1. And it was on Steam. Now it still has problems but that is the Dev’s fault. Mostly though, people got Win10 for free. It has debilitated many systems 3 of them that I know about personally. It did not ask you if you wanted to upgrade, it forced it. Right down to the part where 2 of them shut themselves down for upgrade right in the middle of use. It has actually ran pretty good on my computer. I hate Microsoft so I gave it a slow 160 gig mechanical to run off of so it wouldn’t touch my SSD with Debian. It has ran surprisingly fast on just 16 gig of memory. I just go to the UEFI every time I want to switch OS. Thanks MS, for sucking again because Gnome3 is sooooo much a better Desktop. Faster, more efficient, more convenient….. and Google enabled. Puts M$ and apple to shame. Unfortunately, steam is a M$ platform even if they say it isn’t.