It looks like Samsung is preparing to bring back the Galaxy Note 7, better known for its “explosive” background. Admittedly, this is not the first time when speculations are rife about Samsung’s alleged plans to reintroduce the ill-fated phablet. However, this time the rumors appear to be more credible than in the past.

Samsung Galaxy Note FE

Samsung is, of course, keen on resurrecting the Note 7 ever since the company was virtually forced to take it off the shelves last year owing to a faulty battery that occasionally led to fire and explosions. According to a new Wall Street Journal report,  the South Korean company may release the refurbishedNote 7 as the Galaxy Note FE  next week. The FE in the new branding refers to “Fandom Edition”.

The report claims that Samsung plans to release the new refurbished device on its home turf on July 7, 2017. Priced at around $616, the Note FE will be initially available in South Korea only. It is expected to carry the same specifications as the original Note 7, barring a smaller and hopefully non-explosive battery.  The lower price tag will probably attract the Galaxy Note fans who found the Galaxy S7 price a bit too steep for their liking.

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The burning question, however, is the safety factor. Don’t forget that Samsung already tried reintroducing the Note 7 once shortly after the first mass withdrawal. As you know, that didn’t end too well for the company as the reintroduced batch of Note 7 displayed the same issue as the original one. So, it remains interesting to see whether or not consumers feel confident enough to buy the device that became the industry’s laughing stock less than a year ago.