The Samsung Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7 have come out of their hiding and have been launched in China. This is a new lineup after the company gained good success with the Galaxy J and Galaxy A series. While the new phones are already on sale in China, we don’t know much about the availability of the new smartphones in other regions.

galaxy c5
Galaxy C5

IBTimes reported that the Galaxy C7 and Galaxy C5 will go on sale from 17th June, and the phones will be released in other markets too. So when will the Galaxy C5 and C7 launch in India? Well, that’s not a tough question to answer. A Galaxy C5 with model number SM-C5000 was seen on Indian imports and exports listing site Zauba, which means that a launch could happen soon.

Of course, that does not tell us when the phone is going to launch in India. But looking at Samsung’s huge success in the mid-range segment in the Indian smartphone market, the launch of the new C-series smartphones in the country seems imminent. A couple of months at the most?

For those who don’t know, the new Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7 come with all-metal bodies and look somewhat like the iPhone. Nevertheless, the phones look beautiful and premium and come with really impressive specs.


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