Nintendo’s Japanese production line is reportedly shutting down for the good after the deadline for final orders ended recently. How could they not lower the costs of the system and this the price during that whole time? The Wii U is the redheaded stepchild of the Nintendo family sadly, they had a lot going for them but Daddy Nintendo didn’t care to help.

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Time to say goodbye to the Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo is really cutting out their losses with the Wii U sooner rather than later and trying to distance themselves from it very quickly. Not so much with the 3ds though. Nintendo has nothing to gain from keeping the Wii U on the market. It’s not selling and nothing they’ve released on it has really pushed sales. Better to focus all efforts on selling the new console (Switch). The 3DS still has some life left in it, which is why Nintendo isn’t even hinting at a new handheld.

It was a great and awful console at the same time. We’re glad they’re focusing on the Switch now, hopefully, it has a good release and some badass games. We felt like they could’ve dropped its price and given it one final push for the Christmas holidays, though. But we’d rather have all focus on the Switch now.

We sincerely hope Switch does good. Nintendo deserves to be a great competitor in the home console market and we hope the headquarters know, by now, what most fans want from them: a solid console and online features, great classic Nintendo exclusives, new original IPs and all the old games. And yes, the portability shouldn’t be bad either. The Wii U will basically be remembered as the Sega Saturn of Nintendo consoles. Good games, failing console.

The modern day Sega Saturn. Ignored at its time but cherished later no doubt. A great system but one which needed a lot more variety in its line up. No new 1080 Snowboarding, Wave Race or F-Zero was a crime. There was also a distinct lack of brand new triple A franchises. Hopefully, these missing games will find themselves on Switch next year.


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