A couple of months prior, Nintendo implied a closure of the Wii U generation. And now they’ve at last done it. Nintendo of America issued an announcement saying that Wii U generation has finished production around the world. It began when the Japanese Wii U page highlighted a peculiar note. “Production End (Within Japan)”. Nintendo later affirmed this is the situation for alternate domains also.

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RIP the Wii U

In March 2016, it was reputed that the generation of the console would stop before the year’s end. After eight months, it was stated that the Wii U production line would be closed off amid the end of the first week of November. Nintendo denied the report, expressing it “was not valid”. Additionally, they even expressed that Wii U creation would proceed as arranged. Be that as it may, the next week the organization reported production in Japan would end soon.

The organization said it would transport 800,000 Wii U equipment units to the worldwide market before the finish of its current financial year. This implies, quite sadly, another Wii U console might be a be elusive.

The Wii U propelled in 2012 and has sold 13.7 million units around the world. This makes it the least selling Nintendo home console ever. In the course of recent months, Nintendo separated themselves from the Wii U. Furthermore, Shigeru Miyamoto went similarly as saying that the Wii U was only a “vital stride” towards the Nintendo Switch. Wii U’s successor, the Nintendo Switch, dispatches on March third.

Source: Nintendo Today


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