If we take a step back and think about all the different ways in which we use insecure internet connections, we immediately feel a sense of dread. And it is completely natural to feel this way because our privacy should be fairly easy to maintain, and not something that we must make continuous efforts trying to protect. VPNs, or virtual private networks, are an important aspect of having some control over our online identity. By using a VPN, we ensure that our data is secure.

why is using a vpn important

How do virtual private networks (VPNs) work?

Virtual private networks work by creating a secure connection between us and remote servers that are operated by the VPN service. Therefore, all our internet traffic is funneled through this secure connection and our data is safe from prying eyes. Another great thing about VPNs is that when we use them, our computers appear to have the VPN server’s IP address, which means that our location and identity are hidden.

When our data is filtered through the VPN servers, it cannot be traced back to us when it reaches the public internet. If the site that we are currently using does not have HTTPS connection (secure connection), using a VPN is the only way to protect our privacy and our data.

To have a better understanding of the ways in which top-class VPN services, like ExpressVPN, help us, we can think of specific scenarios in which our privacy is threatened. For instance, when using insecure public Wi-Fi networks in restaurants, airports, shopping malls, and other such places, we might connect without giving it a second thought. But it is important to understand that we cannot know who might be watching the traffic on that public network. We cannot verify if a public Wi-Fi network is legit or if it is operated by a hacker who specializes in stealing credit card numbers. By connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, we risk having our passwords, our credit card numbers, our banking data, and other sensitive pieces of information stolen. This is where VPNs come in handy. By using a VPN every time we connect to public networks we ensure that no one can intercept our data.

IMPORTANT! Just because a Wi-Fi network has a seemingly legitimate name, such as McDonaldsWiFi, that doesn’t mean it is really owned by the restaurant.

Another great way in which VPNs can be useful is by allowing us to access websites that restrict access for different reasons such as location. In some cases, we might not be able to access a certain website because the government has decided that it is in their best interest to restrict the country’s access to it. By using a VPN, we can funnel our connection through servers that are located in the countries without restrictions and access any blocked website. And as we mentioned above, because VPNs encrypt all traffic, our identity will be protected.

What are the key benefits of using VPNs?

– By using VPNs we improve our security.

One of the main advantages of using virtual private networks is the fact that it will increase our online privacy and safety when we surf the internet. VPNs protect us from having our sensitive data stolen and from being monitored by different operators or by the government. Https connections are generally safe, but when connecting to a public insecure Wireless Network, it is always recommended to use VPNs. This will ensure that our location and identity are hidden from the third parties.

By using VPNs we can access blocked websites

Another major benefit of using virtual private networks is that we can access websites that were blocked by the government or by internet providers. Furthermore, we can also access websites that use our IPs to limit our access. By using a virtual private network, we can browse the internet without being traced and access web apps and websites anonymously.  A great example of a website that restricts user access is the popular streaming platform, Netflix. The good news is that VPNs help us avoid any such geographical restrictions.

– VPNs are an affordable way to protect our privacy

There are many VPN options available on the market. For example, ExpressVPN has 3 different packages with prices that range from $9.99 to $12.95 per month, depending on the user’s needs. ExpressVPN also offers a special deal – 3 months of free access when purchasing the annual plan. If you are unsure what VPN package will suit your needs best, you can always contact an SEO specialist or contact the VPN company through e-mail.

By using a VPN you can get cheaper plane tickets

Did you know that most websites that sell flight tickets will raise their prices if we search a certain destination repeatedly? Airline companies will use our cookies to increase the price of the tickets by more than $50. By using VPNs, they will not be able to detect whether or not we are accessing the website and searching for the same route repeatedly.


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