Beyonce, the Queen, did give her fans a heart attack yesterday during her concert in New York when she started bleeding during her performance. Shortly after, news reports titled something like “Beyonce Dead?” started spreading around like fire. Of course, this was more than what hardcore Beyonce fans could take, so the social media went ablaze with confusion, questions, reactions, and much more.


So is Beyonce dead? Well, no, so you can take a deep breath now. Let’s get to the middle of this whole story so that all the fans holding their hearts in fear can get some relief. During her performance on Saturday, Beyonce’s braided hair got stuck into her left earrings. The earring got pulled out, causing a minor injury that resulted in some bleeding. Of course, our Queen didn’t care for the small sting and continued her performance with perfection without any sign of pain.

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But that didn’t stop various rumors from flowing into the internet. Soon enough, there were various reactions on social media asking whether “Beyonce is dead”, some even saying Beyonce “was” appreciated for being the “best performer ever”. But all you BeyHives can relax now as the Queen is totally safe and the “accident” was a minor one. Beyonce, like the true star she is, was seen wearing new earrings on both her ears during the after-show black carpet event.

All the buzz caused around the internet after this incident included a new trend that urged hardcore Beyonce fans to #CutForBeyonce and even #BleedForBeyonce. Some people posted graphic images of self-inflicted wounds that they said were a token of honor to Beyonce.

Clearly, Beyonce The Queen, the already stunning icon, has gained even more popularity and respect from her fans across the world after her brave, painless performance. Salute!


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