If you are a WhatsApp user and find it hard to stay even a minute without messaging, then you are going to love this news. WhatsApp for iPhone has received a new update (v2.12.15) that brings five new features. These new features are just amazing and provide a great relief to people who have been complaining about WhatsApp not getting any new features lately.

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So if you want to download WhatsApp for iPhone, you should first take a look at these five new and amazing features that the app now offers.

1. Document Sharing

WhatsApp has received that one major feature that we all have been waiting for. You can now send and receive documents easily on your iOS device using WhatsApp. Just click on the arrow that appears in the bottom left of the screen, and you will notice the new option to share documents. Do note that you can send documents of up to 100MB only, but now at least you don’t need to go through the hassles of emailing them.

2. Photo Sharing

WhatsApp already allows you to share photos from your device’s gallery. But with the new update, you can pick up those images too that are in your Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

3. Video Zoom

Whenever you receive a new video in WhatsApp and you play it within the app, you can now zoom into the video just by pinching on the screen. This will let you see the details of the video.

4. Storage Space

It is a known fact that WhatsApp takes up a lot of space on some smartphones. Thankfully, the developers have considered this problem and have optimized the app so that it requires lesser amount of space to function. This means you will get more space for your images, videos, and music.

5. Background Color

Thanks to the latest WhatsApp update for iPhone, the app now lets you change the background color. You can pick a color from the block that the app provides, or you can choose your own images from the Gallery.

You can download the latest WhatsApp update with all these new features from the App Store for iPhone.

Have you installed this update? Which feature did you like the most? Comment below!


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