Several weeks past, the Call facility on WhatsApp formed a tiny look to get some users, but in the time practically no one was in a position to activate it and make sure it remains activated. The company seems to have thrown a couple of switches in its servers and also the function is supported to work for anyone running version 2.11.528 from the Google’s Play Store, or 2.11.531 from WhatsApp’s website.

Users expecting to join up with the WhatsApp call service may do so today by receiving a call from an already-activated user. What this means is that either must know a person who already has calls facility activated on WhatsApp OR you are likely to need to head into a Google+ group (or kind of) to get a reliable person to make you a call (invite).


Once you are invited, WhatsApp UI start showing a 3-tab layout with chats, calls, and contacts. A dedicated tab is also assigned to store the call history with precise timing. If you missed a call, you can always check out it later. While on call, there are options available for loudspeaker and mute microphone similar to smartphones.

WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging platform with 700 million active users, as on Jan 15. The company don’t want their users to switch to other platforms like Viber, Line and WeChat that are already facilitating their users with  call service.

If you managed to get an invitation, share your experience with us.

Stay tuned!

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