WhatsApp has already released several updates, but the latest one brings some new perks that will delight the users and will enhance the overall user experience. The WhatsApp Beta Version update for Windows 10 surely does not add any new features yet it pleases the eye for the users by loading faster. The loading screen has now been ditched to save those few seconds that the app takes to start up. Overall, the app has become faster and more practical.

The omission of the loading screen is currently the only significant change in the WhatsApp Beta Version for Windows 10. WhatsApp for Android gets updated periodically, but WhatsApp for Windows 10 has not been taken care of as much. Though developers have started paying attention to it now and are introducing improvements in the app.

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WhatsApp was recently rumored to be getting the video calling feature, but the devevloper hasn’t confirmed the news yet. Users will have to use the text and call features until the feature arrives. Do note that the latest update is a beta update, so it might contain a few bugs or glitches. But the final version will be launched soon, which will make everything right.

We should also tell you that not all Windows 10 devices will get this new WhatsApp Beta update. Only those devices that were registered for the testing will be getting the update. However, the update will soon go public so that everyone can make use of it. Also, once the video calling feature gets integrated in the app, iOS, Android, and Windows 10 will be on the same page regarding WhatsApp.

In other news, Hike Messenger (India-based) has accused Facebook saying that the social media giant blocked Hike’s ads on its sites. WhatsApp competitor Hike stated that Facebook blocked those ads deliberately that take users directly to Hike’s website. When Facebook was asked about an explanation, they told that there were some restrictions regarding advertising on the website.


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