Since WhatsApp was launched years ago, it has come a long way and has received thousands of updates till date. Over the time, the app has undergone great changes and now has got a great design with a lot of features. We now have voice calling, document sharing, new emojis, and much more. A couple of days ago, WhatsApp also added end-to-end encryption for better security of calls and conversations.


One more update for WhatsApp APK has been released today. The new WhatsApp download comes with version number 2.16.17 (build 451083) and is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets. The complete WhatsApp 2.16.17 APK download file weighs 27.82 MB, and this is a stable release, so it’s safe and smooth to install.

If you are wondering whether or not this update brings anything new, let us tell you that there are no changes in this update. The latest WhatsApp APK update simply brings under-the-hood improvements and general bug fixes just like every other minor update. But of course, these updates make the app smoother and better to use, so it’s worth getting the update. And who knows, you might even spot a change that we missed. So go ahead and download WhatsApp 2.16.17 APK from


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