WhatsApp Messenger comes with yet another update, with the latest one labelled as the 2.16.283 beta. It is now available for your Android smartphone and tablet, and such a popular and flexible app should definitely be installed on your modern day mobile device.

However, as per our recommendation, these beta updates will provide you with the best experience possible in terms of performance and user interface. When we talk about best experience, we mean improved performance and reduced number of crashes. Given below is the changelog and the updates presented in the latest APK file, which has pretty much remained constant for a very long period.

  • When sharing or forwarding messages, you can now send to multiple chats at once
  • Chats you frequently contact now appear when forwarding or sharing messages
  • While recording videos, slide your finger up or down to zoom in and out
  • A new front-facing flash helps you capture selfies in the dark

WhatsApp 2.16.283 Beta [APK Download] Officially Available for Your Devices

Since the changelog has remained the same for a number of beta updates, we’re under the assumption that this is going to cater to fixes and performance issues. If you continue to run previous versions of WhatsApp, then your Android device will be plagued with a variety of problems. To avoid being a victim of those small, but dreaded issues, we highly recommend that you download the latest beta version.

Unfortunately, with all the WhatsApp beta updates coming through, there still isn’t a video calling update, but who knows, WhatsApp could surprise us next time. In order to enjoy the latest and greatest features of WhatsApp, we highly recommend that you download the APK file from APKPure. The total space that will be utilized is 31.03MB, and it’s not much if you want to avoid running into issues with the app later on. If you don’t have sufficient space available, then remove unwanted items from your storage list as soon as possible.

Also keep in mind that this APK file version requires you to be running a minimum OS version of 2.3.4, which is an obsolete update, so the app should download and install on your smartphone effortlessly.


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