For all Android users, it is important to keep all the apps updated. Even if you don’t use some apps regularly, you must make sure that they are updated to the latest version to ensure that they remain stable with the latest bug and security fixes. Also, new updates sometimes bring new features or important changes to apps. One such app is WhatsApp that receives a new update almost every day.


A new important update has been released for WhatsApp APK today, and this update is especially important for all those who downloaded the 2.12.489 update. The latest WhatsApp 2.12.491 APK download file (build 450968) is 22.99 MB in size and is compatible with all Android 2.1+ phones. No new features have been added in this version.

As for the changes, as we said earlier, this is an important update for those who downloaded the v2.12.489 APK of WhatsApp. The new WhatsApp APK v2.12.491 fixes the issue in .489 beta that caused the app to crash again and again. So if you have been experiencing crashes or other issues like slowdowns or hanging problems with WhatsApp, you should get this update and see whether it solves the problem.

You can download WhatsApp 2.12.491 APK from


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