Smartphone users will agree that WhatsApp is the best and the most loved messaging apps across all platforms. The hit app has been running on the top charts of app stores since it was launched, and it boasts of more than a billion active users. With so many users for the app, it is important to keep it updated and clean of any bugs or stability issues.

This is why the developers behind WhatsApp release regular updates to bring new features and to make the app more stable. Well, another update has been released some hours ago, and the new WhatsApp APK update brings version number 2.12.462 with build number 450932. The complete latest WhatsApp 2.12.462 APK download file weighs 26.98 MB and requires Android 2.1 or later.


As for the changes, the new update does not bring anything new to the app. And neither will you be able to notice any significant addition to the UI, as any small changes made to the app are under the hood improvements and fixes for more stability and speed. So yes, this update will offer no new features to the user. But if WhatsApp is your primary smartphone messenger, then keeping it updated does no harm and actually keeps the app healthy and in a stable state.

You can download WhatsApp 2.12.462 APK free from APK Mirror website.


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