The Google Play Store is full of instant messaging apps that claim to be the best in the segment. All of them offer free messaging services and try to lure users with their “exclusive” features. But as they say, King is after all the King, and WhatsApp has held that position since its launch. WhatsApp is the most-used messaging app on Android or any other mobile platform and boasts of over a billion users.


The free WhatsApp APK for Android has received several updates over the time that have made the app more modern and speedier. The app has been filled with very useful features like sending media, location, contacts, hiding profile pictures and last seen, and so much more. You can send one message to several people using the Broadcast features. One of the most loved features is Groups, which allow you to have fun conversations with several people. And for those who use large groups, there’s a good news.

A new WhatsApp update has been released today, and it brings up the version to 2.12.437 (450895). This new WhatsApp 2.12.437 APK brings just one significant change to the app. You can now have up to 256 members in one group rather than only 100. This change is useful for those who require to add up a lot of people into groups, like large college groups. The new WhatsApp APK weighs 26.97 MB and can be downloaded from the Play Store or


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