One app that every mobile phone user must have on their device is WhatsApp, which is the most popular messaging app across all mobile platforms. The app receives regular updates and is improved every day by the developers. The app is still supported on Nokia Symbian devices, and if you are using WhatsApp on a Symbian phone, let us tell you about a new update that has been released for the app.

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WhatsApp 2.12.423 update for Nokia Symbian devices has been released and is the latest beta version for Symbian S60, Nokia Belle, and Nokia devices. This is a usual update with the general fixes and tweaks, but it now comes with an option to share PDF documents. This feature is already available on Android and has now reached Nokia devices.

The installation file itself has changed a bit. WhatsApp 2.12.423 .sis (installation) file is now larger by 112KB and 7 files have been modified in it. The new emojis cannot be used yet, though they can be seen when other users send them. In case you download WhatsApp 2.12.423 for Nokia and find any other significant changes or issues, let us know in the comments below.

How To Install WhatsApp 2.12.423 On Nokia Symbian Device

WhatsApp 2.12.423 is in beta phase currently, which is why you need to download and install the app manually on your Nokia phone. So go to the below-given source link and download WhatsApp 2.12.423 .sis (installation) file first. Then uninstall the current WhatsApp version from your phone. Now open the newly downloaded WhatsApp 2.12.423 .sis file in your phone and install it.


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